Karen Lurie

As a massage therapist my bread and butter is the quality of my touch. It is an experience economy with sounds and aromas playing a big part of balancing the stressors of life. I think it is safe to say that lavender is becoming old hat and a new girl is on the market.

Bija Essence is an intriguing and results oriented Ayurvedic blend of essential oils handcrafted by Evelyn Subramaniam. Whether Self care is your orientation or athletic performance, you will find these blends a truly therapeutic offering.

There are four types of combinations.

Rise-An uplifting and immune boosting blend of lavender, rosemary,eucalyptus, geranium, orange and patchouli essential oils infused with an elixir of apricot, grapeseed, jojoba, coconut pomegranate and rosehip seed with vitamin E.

Rejoice-A toning and firming antidote for fatigued skin. Rejuvenate your soul with juniper,lemon,lemongrass,geranium,grapefruit, cypress and ylang ylang.

Rest-A calming and soothing skin elixir providing a state of serenity.

This blend consists of lavender,sweet orange blossom,mandarin,tangerine and ylang ylang.

Revive-A unique blend designed to be a soothing remedy for sore muscles and tension. Wintergreen,peppermint,eucalyptus,geranium,frankincense and helichrysum.

Whether in the massage treatment room or under your Christmas tree these high end luxury products are a divine gift to us mere mortals.