How To Apply Bija Essence Oils


Press one pump of oil into your palms and gently circle your hands together three times. Raise your palms to your face with your eyes closed and deeply inhale the beautiful aromas. Become present to yourself. Now, lovingly apply your oil to your arms and chest areas in long, gentle strokes. Take another pump and repeat the first two steps. Take another deep breath, then apply the oil to your bosoms and entire torso. Finally, stroke the oil onto your legs, making sure to massage your skin thoroughly until the oil is well absorbed. Infuse this moment with gratitude to your body for working tirelessly for you every day!


You can soothe, revitalize, or care for a loved one by applying oil anywhere on their body except their face. The simplest and easiest way is to massage oil onto the bottom of the feet; this allows optimal absorption of the essential oils into the circulatory system and delivers swifter results. Gentle foot massage using Rest is ideal for children, helping to calm them physically and mentally and create a state of serenity. The best time to oil massage a loved one is right before sleep. Pat the feet gently with a towel after applying oil to avoid slipping or transferring oil to sheets.


Ask your massage therapist to use any of your favorite Bija Essence oils. Rejoice is ideal for massage sessions; it supports optimal firming and toning of the skin, improving circulation and helping to smooth away cellulite.


Use any Bija Essence oil when conducting your regular breast checks. This is easiest to do during a shower or bath. Starting with the first two steps outlined above, begin your check with the left breast. Raise your left arm behind your head to spread out the breast tissue. Use the index and middle fingers of your right hand to create small circular motions around the entire breast starting from your bra line to collar bone until you complete a full circle. Continue the same motion until you cover the entire breast. Then repeat this action on the right breast.

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