Our Values

Bija creator Evelyn Subramaniam is devoted to sharing the practices that sustain wellbeing using nature’s most nurturing gifts. After discovering the power of oil massage to nurture her children, she began a years-long study of traditional medicinal uses of botanical essences under the guidance of her mentor, Ayurvedic doctor Naina Marballi, through whom Evelyn became certified in  Ayurveda studies. Together, Evelyn and Naina formulated Bija’s four proprietary aromatic blends to counter four areas of everyday imbalance. These daily oils are the heart of Evelyn’s lifestyle of natural wellness—her go-to's for maintaining a state of vitality, focus, and calm and for soothing away her family’s stress, fatigue, and post-sports soreness. Today, Evelyn shares her passion for re-connecting us to our heritage of healing touch and putting safe beauty products in everybody’s reach.


All our oils are certified pure and unadulterated and we never add secret or synthetic ingredients.


Gratitude for nature inspires everything we do. We create products that meet our bodies’ daily needs for balance and support, we follow the most sustainable practices possible, and we support Plastic Oceans, an organization that advocates for ocean protection.


Honesty is important to us and we share all the ingredients we use with you. We describe their benefits throughout our stories so you can make the healthiest choices each day. Our mission is to empower you with confidence about the safety of what you put onto your skin.


We source from farms that follow ethical labor practices. Our coconut farms in India employ 90% women who earn equal gender pay.


We honor ancient traditions and we value the latest research; we appreciate the opportunity to serve, and above all, we love to nurture the bonds that connect us to each other and to Mother Earth. Bija exists to keep traditions of self care alive for today, tomorrow, and for generations to come.