Take a moment to give thanks to your body every day!

Life too often conspires to make us forget something important. We have a body! And it doesn’t do well with neglect. Push too hard without pause, and our body will begin to show the signs, like fatigue or feeling run down, inflammation and tension, dullness and accelerated signs of aging, or overstimulation and difficulty sleeping.

“I am impressed! It is always a luxury and easy to work with REVIVE Oil on each body. Easily absorbs into the skin & allows my hands to glide smoothly through the body at any hand pressure. The scent of peppermint and Eucalyptus awakens my spirit, immediately, while it calms the soreness on my clients. I love the quality of the oils. The skin becomes firmer, smoother and leaves no sticky / oily residue like other oils.

Miguel Sarmiento – Massage Therapist and Esthetician at EQUINOX , NY

BIJA ESSENCE oils are beyond compare, created as they are with ingredients inspired by Evelyn’s purity and her love for family and friends. Whether it’s RISE, REVIVE, REJOICE or REST, I can’t imagine a day without them.

Agniezka Musiala – BIJA ESSENCE community member, NY

REJOICE revives and firms my skin. The scent refreshes me. I have found the daily use to control and support my skin’s elasticity. I have always taken a moment to meditate on my beauty and health, with BIJA ESSENCE oils, I have increased my intentions to my well being as I massage my body everyday. Thank you BIJA ESSENCE!

Barbara Boolukos – Master Teacher & Trainer at EXHALE, NY

I have been working with oils for years, and the moment I smelled BIJA ESSENCE formulations, I knew it was quality. I said to myself, “ This is the quality oils I want to work with”. This is the first time in my career that this has happened to me. I don’t have to use too much oil to to work the body and see a difference on the skin. The glide is perfect and the aroma is beautiful, especially, REST. It feels so healthy for me each time I use BIJA ESSENCE oils because I touch and smell the PURITY.

Jonathan David – Massage Therapist at Zeel, NY

My skin simmering in REST body oil under the sun. The scent is earthy with hints of mandarin. The silky texture of the oil penetrating through every pore of my body and into my soul. It provides such calming and therapeutic effects when I use the oils to massage both my teenage and 8-year old daughters. It lends a perfect bonding time with my loved ones. Touch is important.

Kathy Lee – Chong, BIJA ESSENCE community member, NY

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