Red Rose : Diffuser

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Red Rose Diffuser:  Seductive and Intriguing Luxury Reed Diffuser - 3 oz 

An intriguing and sensuous blend of rose, musk and orchard fruits with a hint of warming spice.

Create an exotic atmosphere and add an air of mystery with our sultry Red Rose reed diffuser. Red rose is wrapped in golden amber and lush musk, grounded in earthy woods, orchard fruits and touched with spice to create a mood of alluring warmth. Bija Essence’s Red Rose diffuser creates an atmosphere of intimacy at home or anywhere it may reside.

Aroma life : About 90 days 
Vessels : An elegant black round glass wrapped with a shiny gold collar that holds 6 reeds.

Remove the diffuser plug and gently place the gold collar over the neck of the bottle. Insert the reeds, turn them to expose the oil and allow 48 hours for the aromatic oil to fill the room with scent.

  • For a stronger scent, use all of the reeds and turn daily.
  • For a more subtle scent, use fewer reeds and turn less often.